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Steve Stone


One of the leading experts  in the koi industry. I build ponds and service them. My specialty is Koi and their health

 I have over 25  years of experience with fish.  Number one on my list is happy customers. Having a pond should be enjoyable. enjoyableing a pond should be .  .  Hav. Fish Health 


the Local Unwanted  frog did you know

I eat small fish and even Birds


Kayla stone (photo coming soon)

I have some knowledge with water gardens as a hobbyist.

I will be happy to help you with your purchases .


Jane Stone

 I will be happy to help you with any of your pond questions

I have many years of experience in gardening  as well as aquaticsplants.

we are an  all Family

owned and operated


OUR Policy:

We have always stood behind the health and Quality of our Fish We will work with you so you enjoy your purchase for many years to come
Changes for Comets To Koi
Most people did not know this, but we have been building Koi ponds and water gardens since 1989. We also offer spring cleanings and fall closings as well as other service work. We offer a one stop shopping for all your pond supplies.
As well as having the l
argest selection of both Koi and Goldfish, we also carry critters.



In 1989, [Comets to Koi] was the result of a Wife's wish to have a little gold fish pond in her back yard to add  a Water feature to her Garden.

Comets To Koi Our Story

steve stone jr

I have been doing service work on ponds for most of my life and I know having a pond is enjoyable


    Then shortly after that Comets to Koi was started in our back yard 1500 feet from Long Island Sound in 1995. We privately began to breed Koi and Goldfish, and it soon consumed our whole yard then the basement. As the water garden craze took off we wanted to have a place to sell our healthy Koi so that everyone could get Quality Fish at an affordable price. So in 2000 we started selling fish at our current location. We then offered our whole sale market to the tri-state area. In 2002 we moved again to North Haven, for over 11 years Comets to Koi develop a premier water garden experience. Fast forward to June 2013 as all good things must come to an end. Comets to Koi decided  to open their own water garden center where we can now offer the same great selection of Koi and Goldfish as well as Aquatic plants and all your pond supplies in one place at affordable prices. We are now offering lawn ornaments to Enhance your water feature or add a           bird bath to your Garden