We Moved to Northford, CT.  We will be fully stocked with plants and more Koi & Gold fish

Our store hours

 Saturday & Sunday  8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Monday thru Friday 9:00 am to 5:00

Don't Forget to call & setup your pond Closing

Call Steve @ 203-483-0454 or 203-824-2018 anytime

      Can't make it to the water garden shop call for appointment       cometstokoi@aol.com

Location: 555 Forest Road Northford, Ct. 06472

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 need your pond serviced give us a call

we carry aquatic plants  tropical and hardy



What's New?

Comets to koi  largest supplier of Koi & goldfish in New england

  • Standard Fin Koi
  • Butterfly Koi
  • Goldfish
  • Fish Food
  • medicated fish food
  • Pond Services
  • Pond Cleanings
  • Pond Design and construction
  • Aquatic Plants
  • Partnerships with local garden shops 
  • We sell Pond Supplies
  • ONE  STOP Shopping for all your Pond Needs


We have always had the largest selection of Koi and now that Comets to Koi has moved out of North Haven we also offer pond supplies and aquatic plants in our new location at affordable prices

COMETS TO KOI Privacy Policy

 We have been providing
 New England with award winning koi & goldfish 

At   COMETS TO KOI for over 15 years

No one Knows more About KOI

Then you Steve....said Rob

All the best to Steve he is a GREAT Guy

that stands behind his Fish

............Roddy Mahabir

Steve...... is the Best he could be selling fish out of a shoe box & he would still be the only one I would give my business too ....

Christie Arsenault Mozelak

Comets to Koi the Largest Supplier of Koi & Goldfish in New England

Trusted Supplier of Fine Ornamental Fish for over 20 years providing New England with Award Winning Koi and Gold Fish formally located in North Haven we offer our Fish at affordable prices.